The Invasion Reaction

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War is yet another opportunity for this Russian Communist butcher to continue spreading his infectious disease all over the world.

Ukrainian women are joining the ranks of citizen soldiers as they resist the Russian invasion and fight for their lives. The civilian deaths keep piling up while the potential spread of COVID intensifies, pushing back the gains made in the health of the entire free world. The role of women in combat is often overlooked. Here we see former Miss Ukraine has joined the fight against the Russian invasion. 💙💛

Meanwhile, The Russian Ruble is now worth nothing and their stock market is closed. There are more reports of Russian citizens protesting at home while some soldiers appear to be defecting and turning their backs on #MadVlad.

Behignd the scenes, Nancy continues to do what she does best. In "Pelosi's Power," FRONTLINE traces Nancy Pelosi's life and legacy, how she has gained and wielded power across three decades, and how she has faced grave challenges to her leadership. Premieres 3/22 on @PBS.

The UN rights body has approved an investigation into alleged Russian violations in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is driving its people to the country’s western borders. So far the majority have headed to Poland, which is opening its arms to the newcomers

How dangerous was Russia’s nuclear plant strike?…