The West Roast

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Western Blazes

Dozens are feared dead and hundreds are homeless as tens of thousands of firefighters are battling multiple major wildfires across the west. The fires are in the states of California, Washington, Oregon, which are burning at an alarming rate and developing as an American Superfire.

This inferno is adding to the tragic loss for all Americans as monster fires burn a devastating path through our western empire. Crews battling these blazes continue to move through devastated areas. Public safety officials prepare for a mass fatality incident as wildfires rage in western states.

These fires will continue to burn as the dry land on all that atomic shuffling releases enough energy keeps the oxidation going in a sustained chain reaction. More atoms released from the fuel combine with nearby oxygen. That releases more energy, which releases more atoms. This heats the oxygen and so on.

The fires raging out West are unprecedented. They're also a mere preview of what climate change has in store
The wildfires that have destroyed hundreds of homes and blanketed entire cities with smoke are unprecedented, but climate scientists warn that these events could grow far worse if humans do not curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Image - LA Times