Thinking Out Loud

Submitted by ub on Tue, 09/14/2021 - 10:28

The impacts of 911 are still being felt, yet others today are doing far worse damage and causing more deaths in the name of political ideology than the carnage caused by the attacks on September 11, 2001.  

First, the insurrectionists on January 6, but instead of saying never forget this seditious act. Let us ask ourselves why we’re not the unified humanity we need to be in order to prevent another blight on history?

I call it the tag team of Trump and Giuliani Family Fraud. No one should be surprised that these losers, who lied about 9/11 didn’t attend the official Ground Zero memorial events. Rudy and Donald are unstable people and many Republicans have admitted it according to GOP toppers.

Will they pay dearly after taking political potshots that day by making money mocking a #USA during solemn anniversary? It is questionable for a twice impeached and disgraced ex-president, who is exiled from sane society, to spend the day doing boxing commentary on pay-per-view, then getting paid by the Korean Moonies for a speaking engagement, which he also used to disparage America with false statements that were derogatory in nature.

Second, those who refuse to get vaccinated, including my friends, and family members who oppose these preventive health measures should take a closer look at the collateral damage affecting the rest of us. They should use common-sense precautions against spreading the coronavirus and its variants.

The politicians and media pundits who, for personal gain, are enablers of misguided Americans. With over 40 million #COVID cases in the USA alone and over 660,000 deaths attributable to the Coronavirus, those who refuse to be vaccinated or continue to be opposed in helping stem the spread of COVID should be treated as TERRORISTS.

Is it time for The United Nations to declare a national health emergency and impose martial law to mandate vaccinations?

An Overview of State and Federal Authority to Impose Vaccination Requirements

Martial Law 

At least 16 states have reportedly limited the power of health officials At least 17 states limited vaccine rules At least 9 states banned or limited mask mandates @KHNews @AP on the laws that make it harder to protect public health. #UnderfundedUnderThreat

What do you think? Is declaring martial law or imposing federal vaccine mandates for everyone is the only way for the world to get back to any kind of NORMAL?