Threat To Democracy

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In the most corrupt, scandal-ridden Administration in American history. The most egregious, dangerous, treasonous act is their decision to IGNORE THE IMPLEMENTATION of the bipartisan #RussianSanctions LAW and Congress turns its head. #VOTE

SOS -After a half-century, there is an increased threat to democracy. Our way of life is in peril and we may lose it all from within. This according to new statistics released on inequality data.

Researchers point out there is nothing new, just that it has now increased to an alarming rate. In the past, Democratic governments, international organizations, and nongovernmental organizations slowly responded but when the largest democracy on earth is threatened is creates erosions of the global democratic process.

Others point to additional dangers. Plutocracy, or Oligarchy, is government ruled by the rich for personal gain.
America has always struggled with this threat, but never to the extent that we have now. There are people in this country who believe that money gives them the right to rule–it is part of their addiction to power.

With the 5-4 supreme court ruling, Citizens United, which allows unlimited amounts of money to flow anonymously to politicians, the wealthy are getting the democracy they pay for–and We The People have none.

Gerrymandering and curtailing voting rights. In recent elections, minorities were being purged from voter registration rolls in Republican-controlled states. Historically, this has been a tactic used in the South to keep African Americans from voting. Now, it may be used in order to ensure a Republican victory this November.
The GOP claims it is to prevent voter fraud, although they haven’t proven such a thing even exists.

Last but not least is apathy or a lack of interest, concern and I don't care attitude. Voting is a bare minimum in participatory democracy, many of us won’t even cast a ballot. It is often a result of cynicism and pessimism, culminating in an attitude which says “Why bother? When you don’t care, you quit participating and it is the moral equivalent of turning your back on democracy. Everyone say a prayer for democracy... Amen.

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Threats to Democracy