Time is Now

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The dangers of climate change are here and now. They keep mounting so rapidly that they could soon overwhelm nature and humanity

In order to survive and adapt, we must stop greenhouse gas emissions now. According to a United Nations report produced by 270 researchers from 67 countries.

Thursday's ruling by US Supreme Court against Environmental Protection Agency is a setback in the fight against the climate crisis. We need urgent #ClimateAction now.

Climate activists & influencers are joining world leaders at the UN Ocean Conference in Portugal this week to demand urgent action to #SaveOurOcean. Get ideas on how you can #ActNow to help protect our planet: http://un.org/actnow

The Tropics are home to 80% of the world’s biodiversity and face severe challenges, including the climate crisis, deforestation, urbanization & demographic shifts. More on Wednesday's #TropicsDay: https://un.org/en/observances/tropics-day

Meanwhile, The Supreme Court decision to limit how the Environmental Protection Agency regulates carbon dioxide emissions from power plants could make an already grave situation worse for those affected most by climate change and air pollution, advocates say.