Time's UP

Submitted by ub on Fri, 12/22/2017 - 06:51

If you're into that sort of thing and still haven't finished your holiday shopping, then you better hurry up and get down to your nearest post office ASAP.

This is is the last day to take advantage of USPS's two-day priority express or Amazon's two-day Prime shipping and get your gifts in time for Christmas.

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However, if you're still trying to come up with a few last minute ideas, or if you want to make it look like you didn't wait until the last moment, try grabbing one of these 10 Christmas Stockings Inspired by our Favorite Foods stuff some cash inside cross your fingers and say a prayer to the baby Jesus.

Finally, returns are an inevitable part of commerce, and particularly during the holiday season when shoppers with good intentions buy gifts for their loved ones but might pick out the wrong size, style or color.

One study released earlier this year by Narvar found that Millennials and affluent shoppers place a strong emphasis on the online return experience. The generous returns policies offered by companies such as Zappos fast and free, with a 365-day window make it easy for shoppers of any demographic to view returns as a natural part of the e-commerce buying cycle.

They’ve come to expect convenience and transparency during the process and might take their business elsewhere if they aren’t offered free returns84 percent of those surveyed by Narvar said restocking fees would prevent them from making a purchase, and 74 percent said return shipping fees would prevent them from making a purchase.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!