Tipping Ban?

Submitted by ub on Thu, 10/15/2015 - 09:28

Danny Meyer may be on to something fair, just and equitable. He is eliminating the tipping pain for all of US.

This mathematics and popularity ritual is apparently discomforting to more than just the customer. Did you know that the chef, who is cooking your meal in the hot kitchen is not benefiting from the gratuity you leave on the table.

CITY IMAGES visited one of the world's most famous cooking schools and spoke with students, who are $40K in tuition debt, or more before earning their degree, just to slave inside a kitchen for low wages to please our pallet.

CIA teaches executive chefs; trains restaurant or bakery owners; food entrepreneurs and food innovation managers. The Culinary Institute of America prepares students for success, but at what price and how do you measure this success? International Comfort Food: Michael Ferraro, Executive Chef and Partner ...

NYC Restaurateur Danny Meyer Eliminates Tipping, Hikes Menu Prices via @nbcnews

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