To The Republic

Submitted by ub on Sat, 07/06/2019 - 16:31

The next Congress and a new President must be open to what We The People want as a public forum to solve the issues and fix the laws interactively thru digital brainstorming. NOT FOLLOWING THOSE OF SPECIAL INTERESTS.

Let's have all the candidates form a PACT that ensures whoever the winner is will hire all the other candidates as their next Cabinet members. Because there is strength in numbers NO MATTER WHICH ONE IS ELECTED PRESIDENT.

Then whichever Presidential candidate is chosen, they announce a cabinet Immediately upon being nominated for the Presidential Race at the same time they announce their Vice President.

These Constitutional moderates continue to campaign for a combined platform, without foreign interference. This group would be stellar not a bunch of losers those 45 scraped from the bottom of his or any special interest barrel.

Communism calls for the government to take control of all the capital and industry inside the Country in an effort to get rid of economic inequality. On the other hand, a republic respects the rule o law, individuals' right to own property and of production.