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Tocayo is the Spanish term for a person with the same name as another individual. Most common among people of the same gender; although rare, it is possible to have a Tocayo of the opposite gender. I guess any woman named Roberta could then be called my Tocaya?

In any case, "The Great One" BoB Schieffer, who I have called TOCAYO for a long time, has decided to retire and says he will anchor "Face The Nation" tomorrow for the last time. This Sunday TV talk show is the longest-running broadcast news program. "Face the Nation" is an analysis on the issues of the day. Moderator BoB Schieffer interviews news-makers in a give and take format of current events, with other journalists.

We are both members of the National Press Club: and over the years, I have traded e-mails with the country and western singer-journalist. Here is the most recent of out quick communiques...

R u ready for retirement, Tocayo?
You deserve it... Enjoy!
Roberto Soto
Dose Of News
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Hey man, thanks so much!

Bob Schieffer: Washington has "turned upside-down"…

Bob Schieffer is right. The decline of local media is totally terrible.

CBS' Bob Schieffer Retires Sunday As Last Of The Old-School TV Anchors

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A 58 Year Career!