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1214 Battle of Bouvines in France, France defeats England.
1245 Frederick II is deposed at Lyons and found guilty of sacrilege.
1586 Sir Walter Raleigh returns to England from Virginia.
1663 Parliament says goods bound for the colonies be from British ports.
1689 Government forces defeat the Scottish Jacobites at Killiecrankie.
1777 The Marquis of Lafayette arrives in New England helping Brits.
1778 British, French fleets fight to a standoff in the first Ushant Battle.
1793 Robespierre becomes a member of the Committee of Public Safety.
1861 President Lincoln replaces Gen McDowell with Gen McClellen.
1905 International Workers of the World found labor union in Chicago.
1909 Orville Wright sets record in an airplaneā€“one hour, 12 min 40 sec.
1914 British troops invade Dublin and begin to disarm Irish rebels.
1921 Canadians Sir F Banting and C Best isolate insulin U of Toronto.
1944 U.S. troops complete the liberation of Guam.
1953 UN, Korea and China sign an armistice at Panmunjon, Korea.
1964 President Johnson sends an additional 5,000 advisers to S Vietnam.
1993 Israeli guns and aircraft pound Lebanon for Hezbollah attacks.

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1768 Charlotte Corday, French revolutionary, assassin of J Paul Marat.
1777 Thomas Campbell, Scottish writer (The Pleasures of Hope).
1870 Hilaire Belloc, French writer (Cautionary Tales).
1906 Leo Durocher, baseball player and manager.
1908 Joseph Mitchell, writer for The New Yorker.
1930 David Hughes, English novelist (The Horsehair Sofa and others).
1939 Michael Longley, Irish poet.
1940 Bharati Mukherjee, Indian novelist (The Middleman and Others).