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TODAY is the day the NBC TV program turns 65 and may become eligible for social security. In the spirit of pride, I worked as a writer-producer on the iconic program for a few years and had the pleasure of serving with T Brokaw, J Pauley, G Shalett, and W Scott among many other talented professionals. In fact, when I was a writer-producer there, Al Roker was Willard Scott's backup weatherman.

The morning TV program has been waking Americans up for 65 years.

The network broadcast premiered on January 14, 1952, with bowtie-wearing host Dave Garroway promising the audience, “We are in touch with the world. We’ll tell you what’s happening, today.”

Today Show 30th Anniversary: January 14, 1982 (Part 1) via @YouTube

American audiences weren’t used to a presentation of major national headlines, lifestyle features, and light-hearted news, with gimmicks. CBS This Morning and ABC Good Morning America wouldn’t debut for another 21 years.

NBC: Today Show Celebrates 60 Years! via @YouTube

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Are you gonna write a memoir? You always have the best little stories. Working with all these people, you got some great inside knowledge.

And question? What kind of archives does the Today Show have? How many early episodes did they save or was there rampant tape wiping?

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I have to get cracking on my memoir and as far as archives are concerned, there are amazing images.

Marshal Mc Luan analyzing the first televised political debate is just one of my favorites.