Train Wreck Ahead

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We the people get ready cause there's a train wreck coming. You don't need a ticket, you just stay on board. You can count on it.

The US Census is in the Constitution and aims to count every person living in the United States, regardless of race, gender or citizenship status. At least, that’s been its intent since James Madison helped design the first census back in 1790.

Although it is still a couple of years away, US 2020 Census has just been dealt a serious blow. April Fools, 2020 has crucial implications for national politics and requires years of planning, hundreds of thousands of new employees and even a marketing campaign to ensure the broadest possible snapshot of the American population.

The administration’s hard-line rhetoric and executive orders cracking down on undocumented immigrants have created a risk for the US Census by making members of minority and immigrant communities less likely to respond.

The following was his last written statement as Census topper since he has just quit.
The U.S. Census Bureau announced that it will stop plans to test field operations at some sites.…

The Census director’s sudden resignation may create serious long-term problems…

The head of the Census Bureau just quit, and the consequences are huge

2020 census is already in trouble…

Leaving L.G.B.T. data out of the Census means excluding us from the American family

Census director announces retirement with Congress poised to underfund 2020 count…

Why did the U.S. Census Director resign?

Census Bureau Director Resigns As Agency Faces Funding Debate

U.S. Census Bureau chief John Thompson resigns abruptly

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