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Are they doing Putin's work by trying to bankrupt America? The #WhiteHouse's $4.4 Trillion Budget adds $7 Trillion to #USA Deficits.

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#Dufus&Dense dropped another load on how the US taxpayers should spend. Every year, there's a budget proposal and Congress takes it into consideration when deciding how to spend our money in the next fiscal year. It's pretty much a wish list, but it signals their top priorities. Trump is proposing to spend more than $4 trillion in the next fiscal year. Including putting money into the military, fighting the opioid crisis, and building a US-Mexico border wall. It also includes cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, EPA, Diplomacy and foreign aid. And includes an infrastructure plan that incentivizes states and cities to raise their own money to fix their roads and bridges. For years, Republicans have not been fans of big spending plans because it messes with the national debt. But this budget and the recent GOP tax scam would add hundreds of billions to the deficit... WTF?

President Trump's budget cuts necessary funding for Amtrak by half despite a string of deadly crashes. But it gets worse. Are you sitting down? Well, lay down for this one because there is a $554 billion cut in the US Medicare program in his released a $4.4 Trillion dollar budget.

Thos following are stories from the world's oldest news organizations and what they're reporting about the greatest and latest #Trump spending bill.

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After releasing the budget, @POTUS Trump gave a lukewarm endorsement of his own infrastructure plan by telling Congress "if you don't want it, that's OK."

As the old song says... if you want it here it is... Come and get it