Trump Tactics

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Trump would be the oldest person and the biggest liar ever elected president.

The Donald's third grade tactics may be popular with some bullies and with the under-educated, but apparently not with the rest of US. The emperor has no clothes, always repeats himself, saying very little of substance and with virtually no concrete platform to stand on. Apparently when dealing with the under-educated, less is best?

The Emperor, as the story goes, was fooled by a guy who came to town and told him he'd make him the most beautiful suit of clothes ever. He had a loom on which he was supposedly weaving it and he'd point out all the glorious colors, etc. But there was nothing there. The Emperor didn't want to look like a fool, so he agreed and complimented the weaver's work and all his yes-men didn't want to look like fools, so they also agreed.

The Emperor finally put on his new suit and paraded through the streets, no one else wanted to look like a fool since the Emperor and all his dudes could see the clothes so they all acted like they could see them too. Until a kid called out, "But the Emperor has no clothes!" And everyone realized that it was all a big scam.

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