Trump Tariff Tricks

Submitted by ub on Fri, 09/20/2019 - 07:14

With all the talk about how China is taking advantage of the USA, President Trump appears to be ready to give it all away for a price. His tariff war smells so fishy, it has now reached deep into the deep blue sea and affected the Lobster industry.

POTUS is putting tariffs on China trying to injure their economy and Russia has been in our crosshairs for 3 years, but somehow Trump can not bring himself to say anything bad about Putin. Does anyone understand his MO?

America's budget deficit breaches the 1-trillion mark in August - the highest in seven years. US President Donald Trump's advisers consider an interim China deal to delay tariffs.

If the proposed tariffs are imposed, Americans would pay another $4.4 billion on apparel, $2.5 billion on footwear, $3.7 billion for toys and $1.6 billion for household appliances, based on research. Wine, whiskey, and cheese will soon be hit by new tariffs.

Why are hundreds of Chinese made items being exempt from Trump Tariff War?…