Trump Trouble Ahead

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I didnt vote for Trump, but who the hell is China to tell us who our President can talk to? What arrogance! Just because they dont get along with Taiwan doesnt mean we can never talk to them. Were they offended when Obama sold the Taipei weapons? Screw that oppressive government, they cant coerce relations.

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An investigation shows that Trump engineered the call. Certainly no foreign leader - especially the President of Taiwan - is about to call the President-Elect without permission. Once again, Trump is a big fat liar.

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Dosn't matter who placed the call (Although Trump says President Tsai Ing-wen did) countries shouldnt get upset when we talk to their enemy. Now India is upset because Trump dared to talk to Pakistan. So what, they have no right to take offense to our business.

The president-elect breaks US precedent. Donald Trump is showing that he may not be strategic and his behavior has indicated to The US and the world that he acts like a bull in a China shop by his conversation with Taiwan. Words become weapons as he continues his constant contradictions that have his supporters as well as the rest of the world in a state of shock.

Furthermore, he has made time for many controversial activities, but not to address the press.

Trump's conversation is thought to be the first between a U.S. president or president-elect since the 1970's. China's foreign minister says he believes the call will not change U.S. policy toward China. How many Trumps are there inside his head?

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