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Trump is a primitive, petty man who is a disgrace to humanity. We are better than the deplorable people who elected this moron. Civilized folks argue verbally and provoke violence.

With a GOP majority in The US House of Representatives, as well as in The US Senate, why have there been no campaign promises kept? Whatever happened to getting tired of winning and I'll make great deals?

Why can't he point to one legislative accomplishment, but instead he has undertaken an unprecedented series of regulatory rollbacks, executive orders, and enforcement changes as well as guidelines by rewriting and inventing rules for industries ranging from entertainment to sports, including issues from sexual assault to anti-discrimination protections?

Is he simply a media manipulator and only a small player in the circles of political theater?
Is it time for #TRUMPANIC All Americans must hold him accountable.

Remind him that he works for all of USA or else he is going to be fired/

Meanwhile, @POTUS keeps losing members of his inner circle and the political hemorrhaging continues.

Under pressure from Trump, Tom Price resigns as health secretary over private plane uproar

And lives of American citizens in Purto Rico are increasingly in jeopardy The Latest: Trump says homeland chief 'working very hard'