Trump's Niger Problem

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Hells a new military widow her husband “knew what he signed up for” However, POTUS has no idea and is clueless of what His job requires him to do.

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Bend over, Donald... Why did Trump's Muslim ban cause the #NigerAmbush prompting America's regional ally Chad to withdraw from the fight against ISIS?

Has Niger turned into Trump's Benghazi? A nation of nearly 21 million people, the Republic of the Niger is landlocked in Western Africa, named after the Niger River. An attack which resulted in the deaths of four elite US special forces with two others wounded when their unit, which was assisting local forces, was ambushed by local members of Islamic State in southwest Niger has drawn many questions the Trump administration apparently wishes to ignore with fake news. Congresswoman warns Niger ‘might wind up to be Mr. Trump’s Benghazi’ — is she right?…

While speaking for the first time about the deaths of American soldiers in Niger, @POTUS said his predecessors hadn’t called relatives of U.S. service members killed in action overseas. This fake news brought swift denouncements from top aides of former President Barack Obama. Since the White House or POTUS cannot seem to acknowledge the bravery & lives of these four troops that were killed in Niger while on active duty, we hope you join in doing so. To the families of Dustin Wright, Jeremiah Johnson, Bryan Black & La David Johnson we grieve with you.

The connection between Niger and Boko Haram goes beyond counter-insurgency. A struggle against Boko Haram in south-eastern Niger is increasingly sharpening local conflicts over access to resources. There is no military solution to this insurgency, and the authorities should instead put the emphasis on demobilizing militants, solving local conflicts, reinvigorating the economy and restoring public services. MSNBC 10-18-2017 21.27.07

Trump ignored the central question: What were U.S. soldiers doing in Niger in the first place? @GrahamDavidA reports

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