Submitted by ub on Tue, 11/06/2012 - 16:43

This was by far the most expensive presidential race in American history, with some $2.6 billion spent. Thank God, it is is finally coming to an end. The barrage of political ads is quieting, and voters now have the chance to speak up and make the vote be their vote.

Polls close in Indiana at 6PM. Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina and Vermont at 7 PM ET, with other states following close behind. Alaska's polling stations, the last to close, finally shutter at 1 AM Wednesday. In the meantime, we'll be gathering all the latest news about the candidates, polling stations and swing states here.

Seven Columbia University students from both the Master of Science and Master of Arts programs will be running a meta newsroom in collaboration with Columbia Journalism Review tonight. They'll be covering the coverage and looking out for digital innovation and integration of social media by news outlets in their reporting of the election results.

Their analysis will run in real-time on a live blog featured on CJR's homepage at
Check it out this evening and take a look. They'll be tweeting using the #metanewsroom hashtag.