Truth Telling and Fact Checking

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Every intelligent registered voter should listen. Consider the possibility and probability that The Donald has been paying actors for sitting in at both pro and anti-Trump rallies in an effort o make him look good, better and as the nest candidate, when it is simply an illusion that America is falling for.

The media has yet to utilize the face recognition technology available that would once and for all confirm this fact.

First, they support the idea, then they do not. They will say one thing today and reverse themselves tomorrow. How can a flim-flam flash in the pan can be trusted to keep their word?

Some people flip flop because they fear anyone knowing who they are, what they think, and others just can't help it. Are they friend, or foes? A true friend will always speak the truth, even if it hurts.

Truth and justice in the American way. Lies will continue to tear US apart.

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