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This Saturday, Amadiz Cigars will host a smoking party to show off their new and expanded City Island cigar lounge, featuring City Island Sweets.

However, if you drive past 470 City Island avenue and don't stop by, you will miss all the fun. As you enter City Island, on your left hand side, just across from Seafood City.

Amadiz Cigars is an excellent little gem on City Island, not to mention its the only cigar lounge store in the area. The store is owned by the Amadiz family, which boasts four generations of cigar experts. Bautista, Juan Bautista, Juan Rafael, Arismendi and Humberto Amadiz are the proud chain of Dominican cigar aficionados.

Once there, you will find an excellent selection of premium & hand rolled cigars on site. They specialize in Dominican cigars, but a portion of their premium stock also comes from Honduras and Nicaragua. They now sell a light and sweet brand called City Island cigars.

The lounge features fancy leather chairs and tastefully decorated and their newly expanded space floor has an increased capacity of 60+ people. Big offers on sales for the person who enjoys the taste and flavor of a fine cigar.

Some of their most notable fans include Bill Clinton and Adolfo Carrion. If you are also a cigar aficionado, you will be pleased with their fine selection. 718 885-1363