The Uglier American?

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Back in the 1950's a novel was written about an American citizen who challenged the entrenched interests over priorities and found himself embroiled in controversy. The Ugly American depicted the failures of the US foreign diplomats, whose insensitivity to their assigned nation's local language, culture, customs and a moronic refusal to integrate was a disaster. Does any of this sound familiar?

Although he has only been in office for ten months, Donald Trump’s presidency has had a major impact on how the world sees the United States.

@POTUS policies are unpopular around the globe, and USA ratings have declined in many nations. According to Pew Research Center survey spanning 37 nations, a median of just 22% has confidence in Trump to do the right thing when it comes to international affairs.

This stands in contrast to the final years of Barack Obama’s presidency when a median of 64% expressed confidence in Trump’s predecessor to direct America’s role in the world.

The sharp decline in how many global public trusts the American president is worse among our closest allies in Europe and Asia, as well as neighboring Mexico and Canada. Of the 37 nations polled, Trump gets higher marks than Obama in Russia. The steepest decline in US image is found among long-standing allies.

In the UK, which is one of our closest allies, British lawmakers call Trump "fascist" and "racist," demand he be arrested if he enters U.K.

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Dear President Moron,

That’s right, you heard me correctly, President Moron. With a capital “M.”
And for the record, I didn’t say it just once, but more like a hundred times to anyone who would listen, because I swear to fucking God that I have never met anyone dumber than you.
Where do I begin to share my contempt for everything you and your extended family of goofball dimwits represents?

Oh, wait, I know, how about we start with your little ass-wipe of a son-in-law, Prince Dunderhead? I knew the second you threw that candy-ass, sniveling milksop into meetings that he couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if it had a hole in the toe and the directions printed on the heel. The nonsense that came out of that weasel’s mouth was about as welcome as an outhouse breeze and as useless as two buggies in a one-horse town.
Speaking of useless, let me waste a few sentences on that pretty Princess Paramour of yours. Please tell me what the hell that pocketful of a pudding has been doing representing the White House? Trying to have a meaningful conversation with Ivanka is like trying to put socks on a barnyard hen. I’d truly rather argue with a wooden Indian than listen to that vertical mashed potato’s fatuous chatter for one more minute.

And since absolutely everyone but you knows that Steve Bannon is still pulling at your puppet springs, let me briefly comment on that festering hog. This guy is such a lowlife he has to look up to see hell and so crooked that if he swallowed a nail he’d spit up a corkscrew. I never saw anyone who had a conversation with that conniving dog where I didn’t walk away scratching fleas. If you were even one twig smarter than that barn swallow’s nest sitting on your head, you’d see that Old Stevie is playing you like a fiddler at a West Texas kicker dance.

Now, as I return to my preferred position in a real job, not a bankrupt idiot businessman like you, I want to share some words of wisdom from Mama that helped me get through the past every time I thought of your gargantuan stupidity: “Sometimes, you just have to close your eyes, take a deep breath, count to ten, remind yourself that you wouldn’t look good in prison stripes, and just smile at the dumb-ass and walk away.”

So, goodbye, you mind-boggling bozo.