Unhappy Hollow-Weiner

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The Clinton camp pain appears to have developed a deeply indented, newly sunken and hollow political base to stand on.

The FBI obtained a warrant to review e-mails from Hillary's, top aide Huma Abedin concerning an investigation on her husband Anthony Weiner. The bureau got the search warrant to review emails and see if they obtained any classified content.

Hillary has reportedly not asked Huma what was on the computer that the FBI seized in its investigation of ​sexting ex-hubby ​Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger.

Anthony Weiner's name has resurfaced, and Democrats aren't happy. "He is like a recurring nightmare."

Laptop in FBI's Weiner sexting case had ',' Clinton-related emails, source says |

Clinton hasn't even asked Huma what's on her computer

A Scandal Too Far? Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton, and a Test of Loyalty

Will Anthony Weiner elect Donald Trump? via @HuffPostBlog…

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What was James Comey thinking? The FBI Director’s ambiguous letter to lawmakers Friday about newly-discovered emails that may or may not relate to the Clinton investigation didn’t just break with longstanding Justice Department policy against publicizing FBI work near an election. THE WASHINGTON POST James Comey is damaging our democracy

It also described evidence for which there evidently was no active warrant, setting off a weekend of hand-wringing on the campaign trail and within the Obama administration. YAHOO NEWS Related:

Exclusive: FBI still does not have the warrant to review new Abedin emails linked to Clinton probe…

An internal FBI feud over 650,000 emails, none of which may ultimately be dispositive in the Clinton investigation. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
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