Unimpeachable Integrity

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The staff from NY's US Attorneys Office is of such a high standard of honesty and moral goodness that it cannot be doubted or criticized. Judge Wood: Motion Denied - It's going to get ugly folks.

Thus began what may turn out to be the beginning of the end, because according to the rule of law, they are above suspicion; impossible to discredit; with impeccable motives. Wait for the Twitter angry attacks.

Judge rejects Trump's bid to block access to Cohen materials seized during FBI raid

On Fox show, Sean Hannity denies Trump lawyer Michael Cohen represented him in any matter

Hannity: Michael Cohen 'Never Represented Me in Any Legal Matter,' Media Outrage Overblown

Sean Hannity Is Named as Client of Michael Cohen, Trump’s Lawyer

Until now, Sean Hannity had not disclosed that he had a relationship with Cohen during his radio show or television program. Ethics experts immediately questioned why he, or Fox News, hadn’t previously revealed the tie.

Sean Hannity upset over Michael Cohen his lawyer's office raid #fbi

“Michael never represented me in any matter. I never retained him,” Sean Hannity told listeners roughly an hour after news of his entanglements with Michael Cohen broke

Here are all the times Sean Hannity defended Michael Cohen without revealing he was Trump lawyer’s client

Alan Dershowitz scolds fellow Trump-backer Sean Hannity for not disclosing his relationship with Michael Cohen…

Trump lawyer forced to reveal another client: Sean Hannity

It’s a huge minefield for Donald Trump and the Trump Organization,' one trial attorney says of the raid on Michael Cohen's office.

Sean Hannity says he never retained Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

Could this problem turn out to be POTUS thorniest and horniest?