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As a former executive producer for Univision, I keep wondering what the ultimate game plan is following the company's recent purchases.

Univision was once known as SIN and changed its name to portray one vision. It has now purchased Gawker after also buying The Onion. What is the new vision for the one-time leader in Spanish-language media?

Univision buys Gawker Media for $135 million

Univision Makes Winning Bid for Gawker at Bankruptcy Auction…

Univision to buy gossip site Gawker for $135 million

BBC News - Gawker Media sold to Univision in bankruptcy auction

Gawker sold to Univision in aftermath of Hulk Hogan case

Univision gets Gawker for $135M, source confirms to USA TODAY

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Univision was supposed to go public last year but delayed the offering after pressure on media stocks due to cord-cutting. The company's $9 billion in debt, net of cash is to be noted.

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Some politicians don't like the Hispanic growth, while others have yet to wake up to the fact that Latinos are here to stay.

Within the next two decades, there will be over 130 million Hispanics, representing 30% of the population.

As that population evolves, so does the political power. Pew Hispanic Center says America’s Hispanic voting population grew 22% since 2008.

What will be the cultural and political implications of these statistics?