Unplug To Stay Connected

Submitted by ub on Sat, 01/19/2019 - 22:36

I’m learning that technology overdose tears us apart. We must seek quiet time by unplugging each and every day. No matter how old we are, taking time to tune into our individual reality is the key to sanity for humanity.

• For Kindergarten to-high-school students, a ten-minute period of silence sometime during a day to pay attention to our thoughts or our interests during this special time.

• For college students, an introspective intensive time based on any particular subject matter, like history, or science and use it to reflect on how you are learning and relating it to your life and future goals.

• For working adults a quiet space to relax for a half hour each day meditating, reflecting, or simply being silent. Smartphones and computers not included. Also, this period of quiet is not be part of a lunch break.

• For families, an unplugged hour during the evening, perhaps during dinner, in which all tablets, smartphones, computers, and other devices are turned off. Dinner is a time for quiet conversation.

• For any Individual, regardless of age, take the time to think about how to devote a half hour a day away from the weird and wired world, by taking a walk, reading, or simply sitting quietly.

• For society, we should seek screen-free zones, where digital devices are not disturbing or distracting , and anyone can be guaranteed a half hour each day of quiet time.

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