Untruths and Consequences

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Donald Trump’s remarks that the U.S. should no longer accept immigrants from “shithole countries” such as Haiti and various African nations have once again shown how Trump excels at bringing down international condemnation on our country.

As the Russia investigation continues and our nation approaches a government shutdown, it appears that we have a leadership issue. There are variations between statements our president tell us and the ones he is telling himself. Unfortunately for the US, these have seriously dangerous consequences of disbelief.

The engendered political debate deteriorates regarding an authenticity of identity and the reality of practice. As the plot thickens, former staffers are relying on a false assertion of privilege for post-firing conversations and The US House Intelligence Committee members have noted the difference, and find it suspicious.

@POTUS Chief of staff is at odds with him. The Senate majority leader has no idea where he actually stands on a specific issue. And as you can read below, and he himself has stated that he does not stand for anything.

Calling yourself a very stable genius and actually acting like one are two separate issues that pose clear dangers.
There seem to be a series contardicting statements as the nation spirals closer to chaos.

White House official: Trump immigration views have evolved

McConnell takes subtle shot at Trump: We'll vote on immigration deal "as soon as we figure out what he is for"

Déjà vu @realDonaldTrump @POTUS willingness or insistence on bending his truths, deflecting, rambling, redirecting an interview, or simply just stopping it. This CBS News interview is an example. Why did Trump admit on camera: I don't stand by anything?

Exclusive: Trump denies U.S. embassy to be moved to Jerusalem within a year

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