US Distress SOS

Submitted by ub on Sat, 02/10/2018 - 10:57

Some are characterizing it as irresponsible, impractical, unpredictable, and reprehensible so stick em up America, you're about to be ripped off to the max.

Following a military budget the likes of which the Pentagon has never ever seen. $700 billion is a whole lot more in defense spending than China and Russia.

And after strapping US taxpayers with an outrageous tax cut for big business which so far is not trickling down, is the GOP now plotting to remove Social Security benefits?

SS IS NOT A GIFT We and our employers paid 12.4% or more of our paychecks ALL OUR WORKING LIVES.
TV Ad: "Entitlements"
GOP is taking your SS money to pay for #TaxScam WHY ARE DEFICITS GOING UP, BENEFITS GOING DOWN?

Republicans have devised a new sinister way to cut Social Security…

It’s a classic Trojan horse scenario they've been using a lot to threaten #SocialSecurity

Rubio’s ‘paid family leave’ plan is actually just cutting Social Security

Will Your Social Security Retirement Income Be Enough? via @forbes…

What to Do if You Filed for Social Security Too Early | Social Security | US News…

WTF is going on here?

Call the police to launch an investigation.