US Military Parades

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Forget @POTUS parade, his last one was not well attended, give him Kool-Aid, or a helmet and his marching orders. Reach out to The White House and share your thoughts. He works for the US.

Mussolini was a real soldier... After being ousted by the Italian Socialist Party for his support of Italian intervention, Mussolini made a radical transformation, ending his support for class conflict and joining the revolutionary nationalism transcending class lines.

Eisenhower and Kenndy had military parades but both of them actually and proudly served in our military. Why didn't he? Heis parents could not stand him, so he went to military school. Donald Trump’s education: Where did he go to school?…

The history of military parades in the U.S. #CityImages #DONews #Military #USA

Trump Wants a Military Parade. But Not Everyone Is in Step.

Trump’s ‘marching orders’ to the Pentagon: Plan a grand military parade

This is what previous US military parades looked like @CNN

US military parades throughout history

Americans split on Trump's military parade idea

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Trump wants to send tanks, troops, and guns down the streets of Washington, D.C. This is the kind of parade that dictators around the world use to try to intimidate their enemies and, more importantly, their own citizens.

Displays of power like this will also further marginalize communities of color that are already under attack by the Trump administration's violence towards immigrants, its racist policies, and its continuation of 16 years of unending wars—predominantly targeting majority-Muslim countries.

The truth is that the money wasted on feeding Trump's desire to see tanks and missiles paraded past his luxury hotel is money our nation desperately needs turning the lights back on in Puerto Rico, providing treatment for the opioid epidemic, making college affordable, and serving countless other needs Trump seems to have no interest in meeting.

This is not a democracy.

Urge Mayor Muriel Bowser and the D.C. Council to act immediately and shut down Trump's war parade by refusing to issue permits, allocate resources, or otherwise cooperate with such an outrageous idea.