US Taxpayer Funds

Submitted by ub on Sun, 04/26/2020 - 22:35

This is what the letter containing the check with OUR money looks like. It comes from the #IRS in Austin Texas. Although It may appear to be on White House stationary and personally signed by Trump. There is no time estimate as to when it will arrive via @USPS or by direct deposit.

All Americans who are receiving stimulus checks will also receive an explanation, but does it say where the funds come from? Will it deal with the REAL reason why #USA taxpayers need This check? 

Will he say that he was
- Playing golf
- Attending political rallies
- Busy fundraising
- Telling Americans everything was under control... instead of mobilizing against #COVID19. 55-thousand Americans are dead.

‪Please keep in mind that @POTUS has steadfastedly refused to release his #trumptaxes and @SCOTUS may soon decide the outcome.

But most important, this is our @USAGov money, regardless of what @realDonaldTrump @GOP may want you to think.‬