USA For Sale?

Submitted by ub on Thu, 06/14/2018 - 06:27

Is the USA for sale, or has it already been sold right from under our eyes? As the resistance to POTUS continues to grow in communities across America, hundreds of thousands of people have protested Trump’s cutting the rights of many and more wil most likely continue demonstrating in cities across the nation.

Moreover, the resistance has reached the halls of Congress after Trump uses his jaw Mussolini-style, claiming that a new vision will govern our land called America first, but is it really more like Trump first?

Under Trump a small group has reaped the rewards of his government while the people have born the cost. Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth.

He has repealed protections for undocumented immigrants brought here as children and has make deep cuts in the social safety net. These are not the actions of a president who plans to help people prosper.

The rich first agenda has assembled a Cabinet members who are making huge bundles of money from their influence in government. Meanwhile, even while in office, Trump has been able to enjoy raking in big bucks from his corporations. U.S. presidents are exempt from conflict-of-interest laws, and Trump is taking full advantage of the loophole.

Unlike all other presidents, Trump is retaining full ownership of his vast business empire. He’s leaving day-to-day management to his sons, Eric and Don Jr.

Are disputes over Trump’s trademark registrations being reviewed by judges appointed by his hand-picked commerce secretary. Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency is rolling back clean-water rules that he and other golf course owners have said are harmful to their industry.

With Trump business partners in areas of the world rife with potential conflicts on American foreign policy: Turkey, Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Dominican Republic, India, United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan with policies in these areas of the world becomning Trump First?

And what about the American ideal of actually helping people in other countries? Trump seems to have thrown that concept out of the window, including our neighbors and longtime allies. Is this the beginning of the end as Trump is the most disliked new president ever?

In fact, the AFL-CIO, and just about every women’s rights group, immigrant rights organizations, civil rights organizations, and advocates for peace in the Middle East have written letters of protest or conducted demonstrations calling for resistance to Trump’s policies.

By far, the number of Americans who have participated in protests has clearly outnumbered the few people who were photographed attending his inauguration. This is a president who failed to receive the majority of American votes.

On this day of Trump’s birthday, our future may appear bleak. What about the days ahead? Register and regardless of what you are wearing, make sure you vote because our future depends on it. The Supreme Court has struck down a Minnesota law that restricts what voters can wear to polls.