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Th following heroes are listed below in alphabetical order. Names are followed by the recipient's rank or rate at the time of the action for which "The Medal of Honor" was awarded, any appropriate occupational specialty involved in the action, and the month and year of the action.

Agerholm, Harold C., Private First Class, USMCR, July 1944 (Posthumous)
Anderson, Aaron, Landsman, USN, March 1865
Anderson, Edwin A., Captain, USN, April 1914
Anderson, Richard B., Private First Class, USMC, February 1944 (Posthumous)
Andrews, John, Ordinary Seaman, USN, June 1871
Antrim, Richard N., Commander, USN, April 1942 (He was a Lieutenant)
Atkins, Daniel, Ship's Cook First Class, USN, February 1898

Badders, William, Chief Machinist's Mate, USN, Diver, May - September 1939
Badger, Oscar C., Ensign, USN, April 1914
Bailey, Kenneth D., Major, USMC, September 1942 (Posthumous award)
Baker, Benjamin F., Coxwain, USN, May 1898
Baker, Henry (Charles), Quarter Gunner, USN, August 1864
Barter, Gurdon H., Landsman, USN, January 1865
Basilone, John, Sergeant, USMC, October 1942
Bauer, Harold W., Lieutenant Colonel, USMC, Aviator, May-November /42 (P)
Bausell, Lewis K., Corporal, USMC, September 1944 (Posthumous award)

Bennion, Mervyn Sharp, Captain, USN, December 1941 (Posthumous award)
Bennett, Floyd, Machinist, USN, May 1926
Berry, Charles J., Corporal, USMC, March 1945 (Posthumous award)
Bigelow, Elmer Charles, Water Tender Second Class, USN, February 1945 (P)
Binder, Richard, Sergeant, USMC, December 1864 - January 1865
Blagheen, William, Ship's Cook, USN, August 1864
Blake, Robert, Contraband, USN, December 1863

Boers, Edward William, Seaman, USN, July 1905
Bonnyman, Alexander, Jr. , First Lieutenant, USMCR, November 1943 (Post)
Boone, Joel T., Lieutenant, Medical Corps, USN, July 1918
Bordelon, William J., Staff Sergeant, USMC, November 1943 (Posthumous)
Boyington, Gregory, Major, USMCR, Aviator, September 1943 - January 1944

Bradley, George, Chief Gunner's Mate, USN, April 1914
Bradley, Willis W., Lieutenant, USN, July 1917
Brazell, John, Quartermaster, USN, August 1864
Breault, Henry, Torpedoman Second Class, USN, October 1923
Brown, Robert, Captain of the Top, USN, August 1864
Brown, William H., Landsman, USN, August 1864
Brown, Wilson, Landsman, USN, August 1864
Brutsche, Henry, Landsman, USN, October 1864

Buchanan, Allen, Lieutenant Commander, USN, April 1914
Bulkeley, John D., Lieutenant, USN, December 1941 - April 1942
Burton, Albert, Seaman, USN, January 1865
Bush, Richard E., Corporal, USMCR, April 1945
Bush, Robert E., Hospital Apprentice First Class, USNR, May 1945
Butler, Smedley D., Major, USMC, April 1914 and November 1915 (two)
Byrd, Richard E., Commander, USN, May 1926

Caddy, William R., Private First Class, USMCR, March 1945 (Posthum)
Cann, Tedford H., Seaman, USNRF, November 1917
Cappodano, Vincent R., Lieutenant, Chaplain Corps, USNR, 9/1967 (P)
Carey, James, Seaman, USN, about 1870
Castle, Guy W.S., Lieutenant, USN, April 1914
Catlin, Albertus W., Major, USMC, April 1914
Charette, George, Gunner's Mate First Class, USN, June 1898
Clausen, Claus K.R., Coxwain, USN, June 1898

Cole, Darrell S., Sergeant, USMCR, February 1945 (Posthumous award)
Connor, Thomas, Ordinary Seaman, USN, January 1865
Corcoran, Thomas E., Landsman, USN, May 1863
Cotton, Peter, Ordinary Seaman, USN, December 1862
Corry, William M., Jr., Lieutenant Commander, USN, Aviator, 10/1920 (P)
Courts, George M., Lieutenant Junior Grade, USN, April 1914
Covington, Jesse W., Ship's Cook Third Class, USN, April 1918

Crandall, Orson L., Chief Boatswain's Mate, USN,, Diver, May - 9/ 1939
Crilley, Frank W., Chief Gunner's Mate, USN, Diver, April 1915
Cromwell, John P., Captain, USN, Submariner, November 1943
Cronin, Cornelius, Chief Quartermaster, USN, August 1864
Cukela, Louis, Sergeant, USMC, July 1918

Davis, George F., Commander, USN, January 1945 (Posthumous award)
Davis, John, Quarter Gunner, USN, February 1862
Davis, Samuel W., Ordinary Seaman, USN, August 1864
DeSomer, Abraham, Chief Turret Captain, USN, April 1914
De Wert, Richard, Hospitalman, USN, April 1951 (Posthumous award)
Deignan, Osborn W., Coxwain, USN, June 1898

Diggins, Bartholomew, Ordinary Seaman, USN, August 1864
Doolittle, James H., Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army Air Force -- April 1942
Drexler, Henry C., Ensign, USN, October 1924 (Posthumous award)
Duncan, James K.L., Ordinary Seaman, USN, March 1864
Dunlap, Robert H., Captain, USMCR, February 1945
Durney, Austin J., Blacksmith, USN, May 1898
Dyer, Jesse F. Captain, USMC, April 1914

Eadie, Thomas, Chief Gunner's Mate, USN, Diver, December 1927
Edson, Merritt A., Colonel, USMC, September 1942
Edwards, Walter A., Lieutenant Commander, USN, December 1922
Elliott, Middleton S. Surgeon, USN, April 1914
Elrod, Henry T., Captain, USN, December 1941 (Posthumous award)
English, Thomas, Signal Quartermaster, USN, December 1864 - January 1865
Epperson, Harold G., Private First Class, USMCR, July 1944 (Posthumous)
Evans, Ernest Edwin, Commander, USN, Oct. 1944

Fardy, John P., Corporal, USMC, April 1945 (Posthumous award)
Farley, William, Boatswain's Mate, USN, December 1863
Finn, John William, Chief Aviation Ordnanceman, USN, December 1941
Flaherty, Francis C., Ensign, USNR, December 1941 (Posthumous award)
Fleming, Richard E., Captain, USMCR, June 1942
Fletcher, Frank Friday, Rear Admiral, USN, April 1914
Fletcher, Frank Jack, Lieutenant, USN, April 1914
Fluckey, Eugene B, Commander, USN, December 1944 - February 1945
Foss, Joseph J., Captain, USMCR, October 1942 - January 1943
Foster, Paul F., Ensign, USN, April 1914
Frazer, Hugh C., Ensign, USN, April 1914
Fuqua, Samuel G., Lieutenant Commander, USN, December 1941

Galer, Robert E., Major, USMC, October 1942
Gardner, William, Seaman, USN, August 1864
Gary, Donald A., Lieutenant (Junior Grade), USN, March 1945
Gehegan, Thomas, , Boatswain's Mate, USN, April 1862 (Medal forfeited)
Gilmore, Howard W., Commander, USN, Submariner, February 1943 (Post)
Gordon, Nathan G., Lieutenant, USNR, February 1944
Grady, John, Lieutenant, USN, April 1914
Graves, Ora, Seaman, USN, July 1917
Gray, Ross F., Sergeant, USMCR, February 1945 (Posthumous award)
Griffiths, John, Captain of the Forecastle, USN, January 1865
Griswold, Luke M., Ordinary Seaman, USN, December 1862
Gurke, Henry, Private First Class, USMC, November 1943 (Posthumous)

Haffee, Edmund, Quarter Gunner, USN, December 1864 - January 1865
Halford, William, Coxwain, USN, November-December 1870
Hall, William E., Lieutenant (Junior Grade), USNR, Aviator, May 1942
Halyburton, William D., Pharmacist's Mate Second Class, USNR, May 1945 (P)

Hammerberg, Owen F.P., Boatswain's Mate Second Class, USN, Diver 2/45(P)
Hammann, Charles Hazeltine, Ensign, USNRF, Aviator, August 1918
Hansen, Dale M., Private, USMC, May 1945 (Posthumous award)
Hanson, Robert M., First Lieutenant, USMCR, Aviator, 11/43 & 1/44 (P)
Harcourt, Thomas, Ordinary Seaman, USN, January 1865
Harrell, William G., Sergeant, USMC, March 1945
Harrison, William K., Commander, USN, April 1914
Hartigan, Charles C., Lieutenant, USN, April 1914.
Hauge, Louis J., Corporal, USN, 14 May 1945 (Posthumous award)
Hawkins, William D., First Lieutenant, USMCR, 20-21 November 1943 (Post)
Hayden, David E., Hospital Apprentice First Class, USN, September 1918
Herring, Rufus G., Lieutenant (Junior Grade), USNR, February 1945

Hill, Edwin J., Chief Boatswain, USN, December 1941 (Posthumous award)
Hobson, Richmond P., Lieutenant (Naval Constructor), USN, June 1898
Hoffman, Charles F., , Gunnery Sergeant, USMC, July 1918. (AKA E.A.Janson)
Horgan, Michael C., Landsman, USN, October 1864
Hudner, Thomas Jerome, Jr., Lieutenant (Junior Grade), USN --Aviator, 12/50
Hughes, John A. Captain, USN, 21-22 April 1914
Huse, Harry McL. P., Captain, USN, April 1914
Hutchins, Carlton B., Lieutenant, USN, Aviator, February 1938 (Posthumous)
Hutchins, Johnnie D., Seaman First Class, USNR, September 1943 (Posthum)

Ingram, Jonas H., Lieutenant, USN, April 1914
Ingram, Osmond K., Gunner's Mate First Class, USN, October 1917
Isaacs (Izac), Edouard V.M., Lieutenant , USN, May-October 1918

Jackson, Arthur J., Private First Class, USMC, September 1944
Jacobson, Douglas T., Private First Class, USMCR, February 1945
Janson, Ernest A., Gunnery Sergeant, USMC, July 1918. (AKA C. F. Hoffman)
Jones, Claud A., Lieutenant, USN, August 1916
Jones, Herbert C., Ensign, USNR, December 1941 (Posthumous award)
Jones, John, Landsman, USN, December 1862
Julian, Joseph R., Platoon Sergeant, USMCR, March 1945 (Posthumous award)

Kelly, Francis, Watertender, USN, June 1898
Kelly, John J., Private, USMC, October 1918
Keppler, Reinhardt J., Boatswain's Mate First Class, USN, November 1942 (P)
Kidd, Isaac C., Rear Admiral, USN, December 1941 (Posthumous award)
Kilmer, John E., Hospitalman, USN, August 1952 (Posthumous award)

King, John, Watertender, USN, May 1901 and September 1909 (two awards)
Kinser, Elbert L., Sergeant, USMCR, May 1945 (Posthumous award)
Kocak, Matej, Sergeant, USMC, July 1918 (Posthumous award)
Koelsch, John Kelvin, Lieutenant (Junior Grade), USN, Aviator , July 1951 (P)
Kraus, Richard E., Private First Class, USMCR, October 1944 (Posthumous)
Kyle, Patrick J., Landsman USN, March 1879

La Belle, James D., Private First Class, USMCR, March 1945 (Posthumous)
Lannon, James P., Lieutenant, USN, 22 April 1914
Lawson, John, Landsman, USN, August 1864
Leims, John H., Second Lieutenant, USMCR, March 1945
Lester, Fred F., Hospital Apprentice First Class, USNR, June 1945 (Posthum)
Lowry, George M. Ensign, USN, 21-22 April 1914
Lucas, Jacklyn H., Private First Class, USMCR, February 1945
Lukes, William F., Landsman, USN, June 1871
Lummus, Jack, First Lieutenant, USMCR, March 1945 (Posthumous award)

MacArthur, Douglas, General, U.S. Army, 1941 - April 1942
MacKenzie, John, Chief Boatswain's Mate, USNRF, December 1917

McCampbell, David, Commander, USN, Aviator, June & October 1944
McCandless, Bruce, Lieutenant Commander, USN, November 1942
McCard, Robert H., Gunnery Sergeant, USMC, June 1944 (Posthumous award)
McCarthy, Joseph J., Captain, USMCR, February 1945
McCloy, John, Chief Boatswain's Mate, USN, June 1900 and April 1914 (two)
McCool, Richard M., Lieutenant, USN, June 1945
McDonald, James H., Chief Metalsmith, USN, Diver, May - September 1939
McDonnell, Edward O., Ensign, USN, April 1914
McGonagle, William L., Commander, USN, June 1967
McGuire, Fred H., Hosptial Apprentice, USN, September 1911
McGunigal, Patrick, Ship's Fitter 1st Class, USN, September 1917
McKnight, William, Coxwain, USN, April 1862
McNair, Jr., Frederick V., Lieutenant, USN, 22 April 1914
McTureous, Jr., Robert M., Private, USMC, June 1945 (Posthumous award)

Mackie, John F., Corporal, USMC, May 1862
Madison, James J., Lieutenant Commander, USNRF, September 1918
Martin, Harry L., First Lieutenant, USMCR, March 1945 (Posthumous award)
Mason, Leonard F., Private First Class, USMC, July 1944 (Posthumous award)
Meyer, William, Carpenter's Mate 3rd Class, USN, May 1898

Mifflin, James, Engineer's Cook, USN, August 1864
Mihalowski, John, Chief Torpedoman, USN, Diver, May - September 1939
Miller, Harry H., Seaman, USN, May 1898
Miller, James, Quartermaster, USN, December 1863
Miller, Willard D., Seaman, USN, May 1898

Moffett, William A., Commander, USN, April 1914
Molloy, Hugh, Ordinary Seaman, USN, March 1864
Monssen, Mons, Chief Gunner's Mate, USN, April 1904
Montague, Daniel, Chief Master-At-Arms, USN, June 1898
Munro, Douglas A., Signalman First Class, USCG, September 1942 (Posthum)
Murphy, John E., Coxswain, USN, June 1898

Neville, Wendell C., Lieutenant Colonel, USMC, April 1914
Newland, William D., Ordinary Seaman, USN, August 1864
Noil, Joseph, Seaman, USN, December 1872

O'Callahan, Joseph T., Lieutenant Commander, Chaplain Corps, USNR , 3/45
O'Hare, Edward H., Lieutenant, USN, Aviator, February 1942
O'Kane, Richard H., Commander, USN, October 1944
Osborne, Weedon E., Lieutenant (Junior Grade), Dental Corps, USN6/1918 (P)
Owens, Robert A., Sergeant, USMC, November 1943 (Posthumous award)
Ozbourn, Joseph W., Private, USMC, July 1944 (Posthumous award)

Paige, Mitchell, Platoon Sergeant, USMC, October 1942
Parle, John J., Ensign, USNR, July 1943 (Posthumous award)
Pease, Joachim, Seaman, USN, June 1864
Pelham, William R., Landsman, USN, August 1864
Penn, Robert, Fireman First Class, USN, July 1898
Peterson, Oscar V., Chief Water Tender, USN, May 1942 (Posthumous award)
Pharris, Jackson C., Lieutenant, USN, December 1941
Phelps, Wesley, Private First Class, USMCR, October 1944 (Posthumous)
Phillips, George F., Machinist First Class, USN, June 1898
Phillips, George, Private, USMCR, March 1945 (Posthumous award)
Pierce, Francis J., Pharmacist's Mate First Class, USN, March 1945
Pope, Everett, P., Captain, USMCR, September 1944
Porter, David D., Colonel, USMC, November 1901
Power, John V., First Lieutenant, USMCR, February 1944 (Posthumous award)
Powers, John J., Lieutenant, USN, May 1942 (Posthumous award)
Preston, Arthur M., Lieutenant, USNR, September 1944
Pruitt, John H., Corporal, USMC, October 1918 (Posthumous award)

Ramage, Lawson P., Commander, USN, July 1944
Ray, David R., Hospital Corpsman Second Class, USN, March 1969 (Posthum)
Reeves, Thomas James, Chief Radioman, USN, December 1941 (Posthum)
Reid, George C., Major, USMC, April 1914
Ricketts, Milton Ernest, Lieutenant, USN, May 1942 (Posthumous award)
Roan, Charles H., Private First Class, USMCR, September 1944 (Posthum)
Roberts, Charles C., Machinist's Mate First Class, USN, September 1910
Robinson, Robert G., Gunnery Sergeant, USMC, Aviator, October 1918

Rooks, Albert Harold, Captain, USN, February 1942 (Posthumous award)
Rose, George H., Seaman, USN, June 1900
Ross, Donald Kirby, Machinist, USN, December 1941
Rouh, Carlton R., First Lieutenant, USMCR, September 1944
Ruhl, Donald J., Private First Class, USMCR, February 1945 (Posthum)
Ryan, Thomas J., Jr., Lieutenant (Junior Grade), USN, September 1923

Schilt, Christian F., First Lieutenant, USMC, Aviator, January 1928
Schmidt, Oscar Jr., Chief Gunner's Mate, USN, October 1918
Schonland, Herbert E., Commander, USN, November 1942
Schwab, Albert E., Private First Class, USMCR, May 1945 (Posthumous award)
Scott, Norman, Rear Admiral, USN, October & November 1942 (Posthum)
Scott, Robert R., Machinist's Mate First Class, USN, December 1941 (Post)
Semple, Robert , Lieutenant, USN, April 1914
Shepard, Louis C., Ordinary Seaman, USN, January 1865
Shoup, David M., Colonel, USMC, November 1943
Sigler, Franklin E., Private, USMCR, March 1945
Skaggs, Luther, Jr., Private First Class, USMC, July 1944
Smith, John L., Major, USMC, Aviator, August - September 1942
Sorenson, Richard K., Private, USMC, February 1944

Staton, Adolphus, Lieutenant, USN, April 1914
Stein, Tony, Corporal, USMCR, February 1945 (Posthumous award)
Stevens, Daniel Dickinson, Quartermaster, USN, January 1865
Stickney, Herman O., Commander, USN, April 1914
Stout, Richard, Landsman, USN, January 1863
Street, George L., III, Commander, USN, Submariner, April 1945
Sullivan, Daniel A.J., Ensign, USNRF, May 1918
Swearer, Benjamin, Seaman, USN, August 1861
Swett, James E., First Lieutenant, USMCR, Aviator, April 1943

Talbot, Ralph , Second Lieutenant, USMCR, Aviator, October 1918 (Posthum)
Thomas, Herbert J., Sergeant, USMCR, November 1943 (Posthumous award)
Thomason, Clyde A., Sergeant, USMCR, August 1942 (Posthumous award)
Timmerman, Grant F., Sergeant, USMC, July 1944 (Posthumous award)
Tomich, Peter , Chief Watertender, USN, December 1941 (Posthumous)
Triplett, Samuel S., Ordinary Seaman, USN, July 1898

Upton, Frank M., Quartermaster, USN, April 1918

Van Valkenburgh, Franklin, Captain, USN, December 1941 (Posthumous)
Van Voorhis, Bruce A., Lieutenant Commander, USN, Aviator, July 1943 (Pos)
Vandegrift, Alexander A., Major General, USMC, August-December 1942
Vantine, Joseph E., First-Class Fireman, USN, March 1863

Wahlen, George E., Pharmacist's Mate Second Class, USN, March 1945
Wainwright, Jr., Richard, Lieutenant, USN, April 1914
Walsh, Kenneth A., First Lieutenant, USMC, Aviator, August 1943
Walsh, William G., Gunnery Sergeant, USMCR, February 1945 (Posthum)
Ward, James R., Seaman First Class, USN, December 1941 (Posthumous)
Watson, Wilson D., Private, USMCR, February 1945

Wheeler, George H., Ship Fitter First Class, January 1909
Wilkinson, Theodore S., Ensign, USN, April 1914
Williams, Hershel W., Corporal, USMCR, February 1945
Williams, Jack, Pharmacist's Mate Third Class, USNR, March 1945 (Posthum)
Willis, George, Coxwain, USN, September 1873
Willis, John H., Pharmacist's Mate First Class, USN, February 1945 (Posthum)
Wilson, Louis H., Jr., Captain, USMC, July 1944
Wilson, Robert L., Private First Class, USMC, August 1944 (Posthumous)
Witek, Frank P., Private First Class, USMCR, August 1944 (Posthumous)

Young, Cassin., Commander, USN, December 1941

Zuiderveld, William., Hospital Apprentice First Class, USN, April 1914