Submitted by ub on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 22:20

Thankfully, these last couple of days were an opportunity for Yirong and me to get away and enjoy the benefits of another family vacation.

We had an opportunity to once again be with my late father’s sole survivor sibling and his wife. It was also a romantic tropical getaway, and another cost-effective journey to introduce my wife to members of my extended family and good old friends.

Now we understand how difficult it is to stay lean in these parts, with all the fried food temptations, like croquetas and sweet treats including guava pastries and Tres-leches.

Thanks to my brother, my nephews, niece, cousins, my aunt and uncle and last but not least, to Papa Joe for filling my birthday celebration full of rhythm and blues. Also to Mr. Bernstein for being graceful as always and allowing us to stay at the newly renovated Bruce Hotel in The City Beautiful, also known as Coral Gables.