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If you're looking for a place to celebrate this special day of love, relaxation and romance, you should know that Cupid has moved somewhere quiet and out of the way. He now lives in Valentine, Texas. You may also send your significant other a love letter, or valentines day card with a love stamp on it.

According to US Census figures there are at least 187 folks living there and that's not counting Cupid. But, Cupid has some helpers there that have a Valentine's Day re-mailing program that involves the whole town.

It is their busiest day of the year because romantics that request a Valentine postmark for their Valentine's Day card are the type of people who plan ahead. Requests start coming in just after the New Year and before the end of January there are usually trays of Valentines awaiting their stamp and post mark.

The entire town gets involved in the project, with school children from the 7th to 12th graders participating in a design project and the winner is chosen by the city council. After the winner is announced and the artwork sent to San Antonio for approval, the official impression is made and when the time comes it's placed in the lower left hand corner of the envelope. The regular black postmark of Valentine cancels the stamp.

Valentine's cards for foreign delivery are posted on February 1st to insure enough time to reach the loved one (some postal agencies aren't as efficient as ours). As many as 26 different countries have requested the Valentine, Texas cancellation.