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They were driving straight to the local hospital, and it was only 10 minutes away but that baby just couldn't wait.

So Ryan Schulz pulled into a Selden, N.Y. parking lot and delivered his baby daughter in the front seat of his SUV.

The 911 dispatcher reportedly coached Schulz through the entire delivery via their cellphone.

A very pregnant Barbara Coniglio-Schulz and hubby, were on their way to Stony Brook University Medical Center on Long Island when mama yelled, "I'm having the baby right now!" Schulz said it was scary to see the baby coming out.

Thankfully, the capable 911 dispatcher, John Pilger guided Papa and Mana Schulz through their birthing experience. Pilger reportedly told Papa Schultz to tie off the umbilical cord with a string, so he used the shoelace from his sneaker. Mother and baby Emma are doing extremely well.