Voter Burnout To Turnout

Submitted by ub on Thu, 01/11/2018 - 11:32

This year of midterm elections will provide voters with special opportunities to get involved in government, not only in their local districts but also in US Congress. How do we reverse the voter burnout trend and get real Americans to vote in 2018?

We are taxpaying citizens, whose family served the military, who think our nation is already great, who tell the truth, salute the American flag and really know all the words to the national anthem. Voting does matter and half of us don't even bother to exercise our most precious right as American citizens.

With the sudden retirement of longtime politicians who are fed up with the Washington BS and the political gridlock, the question folks are asking is will Americans who put their country before their party finally take control of a Congress controlled by special interests? Why are so many GOP candidates either edging away or losing elections despite the fact that they are supported by their party label and from their president?

When we the people arrive in our polling stations, we should no longer vote Republican or Democrat, but for a real clear thinking and intelligent candidate who wants to improve our nation and move past the hatred, the persecution of certain groups, or lining their pockets with special interest donations. We are their only interest.

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Register and vote. Our future depends on all of US.