Voters Payback Time

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By a 51 Yes and 49 No vote Republicans have done to Americans what most would have thought inconceivable. The bill called H.R. 1 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act moves on to it's next and final phase. GOP Senators passed a tax bill giving corporations a massive tax cut and cutting healthcare.

American middle-class families may have lost their representation. Democrats say they were shocked to have received a list of tax bill amendments from outside lobbyists instead of Senate GOP colleagues. The Senate passed the most sweeping tax overhaul in decades, a big win for President Trump. It now must be reconciled with the House version. The 51-49 vote allows The Senate to pass a huge GOP tax cuts after last-minute changes.

This so-called tax reform bill now goes to US House / Senate negotiations. Please take down names and be sure you are registered to VOTE.

Senate passes huge tax cuts after last-minute changes; conference with House next

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Senate Republicans pass a tax bill giving corporations a massive tax cut and cutting health care…

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US debt was never a real issue for the GOP. It was something they used to block Obama initiatives and push for cuts in social programs. The Republican phoniness has been obvious from the beginning.

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Corporations have given more than $215 million to members of the Senate Finance Committee.