Submitted by ub on Wed, 06/02/2021 - 08:16

Americans are getting gaslighted by Republicans on voting legislation and #WeThePeople need to wake up and smell that treason.

The real steal may be where The Grand Old Party plans to be in a couple of years if #USA Democracy evolves into #GOP fascism and we lose our liberty. The American people must never give Hate and Fascism a safe harbor.

Their once covert is now an overt effort to adopt restrictive voter laws in many states, including Texas, Georgia, Arizona, and Florida. The January 6 insurrection must be a wake-up call. The mob wanted to desecrate The US Capitol. They wanted to climb on ceilings and put up signs while they were looking for elected representatives and God knows what they would've done if they got their hands on some of them.

Only Congress can make it right for all American citizens to cast their ballots during the next election. Register to vote early and make sure to contact your elected representatives now before it's too late.