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Following a long political primary and a toxic Camp Pain that has left our nation divided, Republican Donald Trump won the Electoral College after hurling vicious attacks against his opponents and too many others to mention.…

His main opponent Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but she lost the election because of the Electoral College. Our Founding Fathers may not have realized how undemocratic our Electoral College has evolved.

For the fourth night in a row, protesters continue to demonstrate in sevceral US cities. They're upset about Donald Trump's election and are now floating an option that could place The White House in question.

They say everything is bigger there and don't mess with Texas. Political Science Professor Matthew Brogdon at UT San Antonio acknowledges that a petition on has collected 2 million signatures asking the Electoral College to award their votes to Hillary Clinton, not Mr. Trump.…

Dr. Brogden who's a US Constitution expert says the members of the Electoral College are chosen by their states and 29 of these states legally bind their electors, which commands them to vote for the person who won the popular vote in the state. The other 21 states do not bind their electors in the same method.

Meanwhile, another petition drive is underway to abolish the Electoral College altogether.

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Some Americas are afraid the land of freedom may evolve into a nation of fear mongers.