Wall of sound silence

Submitted by ub on Mon, 09/29/2014 - 14:02

Imprisoned impresario Phil Spector has not reportedly spoken in prison for over nine months.

According to prison officials, the man behind pop music's “Wall of Sound” is silent. Spector produced some of the 20th century’s greatest music including The Beatles seminal album Let It Be lost the use of his voice nine months ago and is in a “very dangerous” situation in prison.

He was sentenced to 19 years to life in prison in May 2009 after being convicted for the murder of actress and cocktail waitress Lana Clarkson.

74-year-old Spector was moved from Corcoran prison, whic is famous for housing serial killer Charles Manson to the California Health Care Facility in Stockton, California. The health care lockup facility looks after the state’s sickest inmates.

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Photo: Reuters