Submitted by ub on Sat, 06/30/2012 - 14:49

Next year, the planned bridge construction during 2013 is going to make for an interesting commute for mussel suckers, clam diggers, or just about anyone who regularly travels in and out of City Island. City Island will get a new steel cable bridge, come hell or high water.

NYC Office of Management and Budget has approved a $149.5 million budget for a replacement bridge to be built where the existing City Island Bridge to cross over Eastchester Bay.

Under the proposed plan, a temporary structure will be built next to the current bridge, from Pelham Bay Park to the Catherine Scott Promenade and into City Island Avenue.

Long time City Islansd resident, real estate broker Jacqueline Kyle Kall is worried, angry and very concerned, saying the project will become a traffic nightmare.

$100 million will come from the feds, $17,477,000 from the City and New York State will kick in $12,523,000, as well as a contingency of $19,500,000. The existing bridge is about 110 years old and does not function as a working drawbridge.

While the City Island Civic Association continues to express concern over the project, this announcement shows that CICA has little clout with any and all of the above government agencies.