Way to go Jimmy, Go-Go-Go

Submitted by ub on Fri, 03/02/2012 - 18:19

Council Member James Vacca joined members and staff of the Bronx Jewish Community Council as they unveiled their brand new senior transportation van that was purchased with $48,000 in City Council Capital funds allocated by Vacca.

The van, which replaces an 11-year-old vehicle, will provide a number of transportation services for local seniors. The BJCC program provides trips for nearly 100 seniors to doctor’s appointments, shopping areas, local senior centers, and other local neighborhood activities. The new senior van was designed to specifically meet the needs of seniors with additional grab bars to get on and off the van.

“It is a major priority of mine to assist the seniors and the senior programs of my district,” Vacca said. “Many seniors no longer drive or do not own cars, so it becomes difficult for them to travel to supermarkets or doctors appointments. Providing a new van for the Bronx Jewish Community Council allows for easier transportation for many seniors.”

"The service of the senior transportation program is extremely valuable to our clients. It helps to address the issue of social isolation among seniors by offering transportation to local shops, community centers and other activities,” said Brad Silver, BJCC Vice President. “This would not be possible without the help of Councilman Vacca. Our present vehicle was over 11 years old and desperately needed to be updated. The new vehicle is beautiful and I know the clients who participate will enjoy it as well."