In This We Trust?

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In the end is this all about power and money? According to the international Bible Psalm 56:4 (NIV) In God, whose word I praise — in God, I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?

Is this is how these serious issues begin? Are the divided states of America on the most dangerous path to Trump Totalitarianism?

Et Tu Brut? Will the US say, Et Tu Donald? Julius Caesar feared the “Ides of March” as history indicates. Therefore, as the middle of March approaches, President Donald Trump and all his GOP subjects may continue to be under progressively increasing pressure once again to appoint a special prosecutor and investigate this growing cancer.

Is this a political version of March Madness, which begins on 3/14 and ends shortly after April Fools Day? Let's pray to God, we don't get fooled again.

What would George Washington say, as he always tried, to tell the truth.?

The definitive Trump-Russia timeline of events

U.S. warned of foreign intel operations after Russian met with Team Trump at RNC:

Chaffetz: House Will Take 'Hard Look' at Trump's Wiretap Allegations Against Obama…

Spies have ‘considerable intelligence’ of collusion between Russian officials and Donald Trump team…

Ex-Bush administration officials fear how ‘erratic, vindictive’ Trump will react during a major crisis…

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On March 21, 1973, President Richard Nixon met with White House Counsel John W. Dean, III. ... In this conversation segment, Dean warns President Nixon that the Watergate cover-up is a growing "cancer... close to the Presidency." He mentions blackmail and possible perjury.Jul 3, 2014 "Cancer on the Presidency": John Dean explains the origins of the ...

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