This Week in History

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This Week in History, Sep 18 - Sep 24

Sep 18, 1793
Capitol cornerstone is laid in 1793, George Washington lays the cornerstone to the United States Capitol.
Sep 19, 1957
Nevada has first-ever underground nuclear explosion in 1957, as US detonates a 1.7 kiloton nuclear bomb.
Sep 20, 1973
Battle of Sexes in a 1973 a tennis match, top player Billie Jean King, 29, beats Bobby Riggs, 55.
Sep 21, 1780
Benedict Arnold commits treason in 1780, while meeting with British to discuss handing over West Point.
Sep 22, 1862
Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation in 1862, which gives freedom of more than 3 million black slaves.
Sep 23, 1875
Billy the Kid first arrested in 1875 after stealing a basket of laundry. Eventually goes on to kill 21 people.
Sep 24, 1789
The Judiciary Act of 1789 is passed by Congress and signed by President George Washington, establishing the US Supreme Court as a tribunal made up of six supreme justices.