What's The Real Plan?

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We The people should not sit idle and accept a series of self-inflicted geopolitical catastrophes which could have been avoided but have the capacity to continue spiraling out of control. The whole world is watching. Opine using the same platform other utilize before its too late. Our comments matter

The administration opens a new base in Israel, but what happened to the two-state solution?
The U.S. is opening an embassy in Jerusalem. Why is there a furor?
Trump picks bigot pastor who claims Jews are going to Hell to lead prayer at new Jerusalem embassy…
Jerusalem: After 30 Years of Hope and Failure, What’s Next for Israel/Palestine?
The United States has forfeited its authority as a neutral broker. It may be time for the Palestinian street to have its say.…

America announces talks with the rogue nation of North Korea and now says it will use our tax dollars to help them financially.
North Korea has threatened the US and has been responsible for the deaths of American citizens.
UN chief welcomes North Korean plan to close nuclear site
The Obama administration thought engagement with Iran could help change its behavior. The Trump team has the same thought on North Korea.…

Why did America cancel an international treaty with Iran without a clear policy?
Opinion: We have no Iran policy

After saying China is raping our economy and taking away our jobs, why do we save Chinese jobs?
Is POTUS backing off with a policy designed to achieve another goal: Make China Great Again?
Trump says the US will help penalized Chinese company
Donald Trump offers to help Chinese telecom firm regain lost jobs -
Why Asia will come out on top as emerging markets get shaken up

Whatever happened to the Russian sanctions that Congress mandated?
Russia to soften plan for retaliation against U.S. sanctions…

What happened to previously announced plans to rebuild our decaying infrastructure?
Mike Pompeo says the US will aid North Korea infrastructure if Kim Jong-un gives up nuclear weapons -

Opinion: This Is Not a Drill. It’s Actually Infrastructure Week

Analysis: How the growing Trump scandal could affect his presidency

‘This is going to come out’: Malcolm Nance says dossier was right about Trump committing ‘high crime’ of bribery…