What The ---- Sequester?

Submitted by ub on Sat, 02/16/2013 - 21:56

Another Washington temporary fix which was put in place on Jan. 1st, moved the new date of the Budget Sequestration to March 1st. On 3/1/13 $85.3 billion will be automatically trimmed from the federal government’s 2013 budget unless Congress acts to avert that legislation.

The US runs out of money on March 27th and hits the debt ceiling in May, at which point we would all begin defaulting on loans.

Meanwhile, members of Congress left our nation's capital for their Presidents Day recess. When I was in school and we did something wrong, the teachers would cancel recess. So why can't taxpayers do something similar?

This 10 day break really means Congress can't do anything about those $85 billion in spending cuts until just days before the cuts are scheduled to begin on March 1. There are currently four major plans, but if none of them are approved, we should enforce a fifth plan. Throw the bums out.

And all we can do for now is say, this is one fine mess Washington Inaction has concocted for US.