What's Up With Bills?

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We are not referring to bills, which live and die die on Capitol Hill. We're talking about guys named William, Will. or any other variation of Bill.

William H. Bonney , better known as Billy the Kid and also known as William Antrim, was a 19th-century gunman who participated in the Lincoln County War and became a frontier outlaw in the American Old West. Born William Henry McCarty, Jr. c.1859-1861 – July 14, 1881, he was better known as Billy the Kid and also known as William Antrim.

William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody (February 26, 1846 – January 10, 1917) was an American scout, bison hunter, and showman. He was born in the Iowa Territory (now the U.S. state of Iowa), in Le Claire but he grew up for several years in his father's hometown in Canada before his family moved to the Kansas Territory.

Wild Bill Hickok was an American frontiersman, army scout and lawman who helped bring order to the frontier West. Wild Bill is remembered for his services in Kansas as sheriff of Hays City and marshal of Abilene, where his iron-handed rule helped to tame two of the most lawless towns on the frontier. He is also remembered for the cards he was holding when he was shot dead -- a pair of black aces and a pair of black eights -- since known as the dead man's hand. Law Enforcement, Folk Hero (1837–1876)…