When Will Trump Stop Whining?

Submitted by ub on Tue, 11/24/2020 - 10:47

Why is the last POTUS missing from this captured image? Because he is the only one who began complaining right from the start. He promised the USA would win but gave America whining instead. He has been complaining in an annoying way, and keeps moaning like a spoiled brat.

He could urge Americans to behave responsibly in light of #COVID. Ask Congress to approve a Pandemic package. He could have forced the #USA government to help with testing and PPE, but NO, not Trump.

They continue sending e-mails like this one asking for support - If EVERY Patriot chips in $45, President Trump and Vice President Pence will have what it takes to DEFEND the Election and WIN! - What they don't know is the funds go into his pocket. This is the same man who claimed he would use his own money and never followed through like everything else he said he would do. It’s absurd because the whole thing seems like a shit show. Or is it a Coup 'D Tweet, or this dumb sh-t? 

Put up, or shut up, Republicans. We The People have been putting up with lies, false accusations, and negative crap forever.

As it turns out, on day 1404 POTUS45 found the proverbial White House door and got his ascertainment handed to him as the Democrats began their transition to proceed with a new and experienced administration of tested politicians and diplomats but he or the current leadership of the GOP refused to officially concede.

How hard did former Vice President and now president-elect Joe Biden kick Lame-Duck Donald Trump’s ascertainment? Preliminary figures are growing and it is by millions of votes from American citizens who have heard just about enough crap.

Trump is Whining Not Winning. Biden said it best during one of their debates.‘Will You Shut Up, Man?’ These five words spoken by Joe Biden during one of the debates made undecided voters cast their ballots for The Democrat and brand lame-duck DonalTrump a loser forever.

How many times did Joe Biden kick Donald Trump’s ascertainment? Millions but may have lost count and forgotten his winning pledge has become whining reality Television