Where Is That Love?

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Following an abrupt end to his love summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, POTUS suddenly thinks its time to walk away from his self proclaimed romance.

#USA deterrence of North Korea is now in a Trump imposed downward spiral. The economic sanctions are beginning to fray. Japan may be losing confidence. South Korea’s Moon sees America as headed to the door. Kim keeps producing missiles with more nukes. Meanwhile, an annual Foal Eagle and Key Resolve USA-South Korean military exercises are not happening. What the hell is the Republican-controlled US Senate doing about it?

‪The warning signs were clear: Trump's North Korea summit was doomed from the start…

Mission Not Accomplished: Trump Bails on Hanoi Summit Early With No Deal

Donald Trump's North Korea deal fell apart because of John "bomb-'Em" Bolton, experts say

‪Trump says he walked from a deal with Kim over N.Korean sanction demands

‪Trump, Kim summit collapses amid the failure to reach deal

‪Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un fail to strike the deal, call off nuclear weapons talks early

Trump says he wasn't prepared to lift US sanctions on North Korea

‪'Sometimes you just have to walk': President Trump's summit with Kim Jong Un collapses without a deal - Los Angeles Times…‬

‪Trump on Kim Jong-un talks: 'Sometimes you have to walk' – video…‬

‪Takeaways from Donald Trump's abruptly ended summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un…

Democrat Representative to Trump: "Are you still in love with Kim?"

‪Where is The Love Lyrics