White Christmas

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Weird weather pattern turns upside-down across US

Many crooners have sung about it over the years, some are still dreaming about it.

What are the chances you’ll get to experience a white Christmas, if you happen to live along US East Coast?

NYC White Christmas? Forget about it, not around here. In fact, its shaping up to be the warmest season on record in many communities up and down the Eastern Seaboard from Florida to Maine before Christmas.

Bing Crosby-I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas via @YouTube

White Christmas via @YouTube

"White Christmas" - The Drifters via @YouTube

WHITE CHRISTMAS - Bing Crosby via @YouTube

Dean Martin - Let it Snow! via @YouTube

White Christmas - Sisters via @YouTube

WHITE CHRISTMAS - Frank Sinatra via @YouTube


But make no mistake about it... Winter is definitely here. Whether in North America, The Midwest, or elsewhere on earth, we've developed a multitude of responses to the onset of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, and have adapted to seasonal changes in climates in our own ways and means.